Puyallup, WA Neighborhoods

Sitting at the base of Mount Rainier the city of Puyallup is a charming and family friendly oriented city filled with exquisite fields of flowers and home for the widely popular Washington State Fair.

This historic city boasts family-owned shops and restaurants along the streets of Downtown Puyallup and beautiful homes available for you and your family. The community offers amenities for all your needs including great schools and stunning parks.

Locals enjoy a strong sense of community while enjoying the sweet simplicity of celebrations with other residents.

Downtown Puyallup

Downtown Puyallup is a truly unique city with small-town charm and convenience. Locals love this historic neighborhood.

Family-owned restaurants, shops, and a wide variety of antique stores make this town a place you want to immerse yourself in. The annual Daffodil Festival and parade is a local favorite during the spring.

The Washington State Fair is the largest attraction of the year bringing in people from all over the state to enjoy fried food, farm animals and a classic white roller coaster. Pioneer Park is one of the many stunning parks to visit along with community gardens and farmers markets giving you endless possibilities of things to do.

As the fair go-ers say “Do the Puyallup”

North Puyallup

A small suburban neighborhood close to the historic Downtown Puyallup, North Puyallup is a quiet gated community boasting Santa Barbara and Santa Fe style type homes. Primarily made up of single-family homes, high-rise apartments and complexes, North Puyallup offers residents a distinct neighborhood with ancestry ranging from rich cultures This neighborhood is also perfect for retirees. With state parks, libraries and a gorgeous farmers market N. Puyallup is the quiet place you want to live.

South Hill

On the South side of the Puyallup River Valley lies South Hill. A rapidly growing city showing no signs of stopping. This growing town surrounded by beautiful greenery, luscious hiking trails and parks is a friendly place with everything you can ask for.  Meridian, the main road running through the town, is full of shops, chain restaurants and a large mall. This bustling town never lacks for activities and things to do. The neighborhoods surrounding the town are clean and comfortable with working young professionals and family-oriented homes for the choosing.

Gem Heights

If you’re looking for a smaller neighborhood around the South Hill area, look no further than Gem Heights.

A smaller community full of a beautiful assortment of home styles with varying sizes and affordable prices. Refined by new construction, many of the families living here are executives and in management.

With a six-minute drive to Meridian street running through South Hill, you still have access to all the restaurants and stores needed. This quiet neighborhood gives you the ultimate family friendly community.


Located in the beautiful city of Puyallup along the rim of Orting Valley, Sunrise is a new master community named for the inspiring early dawn sunrise over the cascades and Mt. Rainier. Home options include single-family homes and beautiful multi-level townhomes with stunning floor plans. Playgrounds and trails are found all along the community. Take a thirty-minute drive to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park with your family, and spend time with animals you don’t typically see. Visit Mt. Rainier for some of the most breathtaking views.