Misty Wolff

Listing & Buyer Specialist

Email: misty@d2homegroup.com

Phone: 253-906-8696

Misty hopes to be the support and guidance you need to overcome any obstacle that you may run into throughout a Real Estate transaction! She finds value in finding a home that best represents your dreams and needs. “I do this by learning about you and your daily life. The process starts with learning about what you look forward to when you come home from a busy day.” Maybe you look forward to playing fetch in the yard with your pups or soaking the day away in a relaxing bath! Perhaps it’s downsizing to a cottage on the beach or relocating for the opportunity of a lifetime! Whatever it may be, your priorities become Misty’s priorities when finding your future home or selling your current one. Working with Misty will make the tough decisions all the easier with her in your corner.